What Does it Mean to LOVE YOURSELF?

Enjoying a Woodstock Waffle is not just a spiritual encounter. It’s a healthy taste of fresh, homemade ingredients that remind us why we we’re here, why we work hard & why we should reward ourselves with the little things that make our tummies smile.

We’re about embracing the spirit of togetherness; enlightened existence through the power of rock music & the crumbliness of small batch batter. We’re about PEACE, LOVE & all things free because to eat a Woodstock Waffle is not only to delight one’s senses but to remind ourselves daily to stick it to the man; have no fear and above all else remember that nothing can affect inner peace if you practice just one thing daily, LOVING YOURSELF...

Waffle Churros, Deep Fried Oreos, Bubble Waffles filled with Gelato & Other Goodies!
Fresh. Homemade. Groovy. Tag us #woodstockwaffles

Currently sourcing a new location to call home. Watch this space!


Cape Town
Rolling Stoves Co.
(Delivery Kitchen)
12 Orange Street, Gardens
Events, Festival & Film Catering

 Uber Eats & Mr D


CPT - 068 189 1698



Mon to Thu 
13:00 - 21:30


Fri to Sun 
12:30 - 21:30

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